Your brand’s voice is not only what your brand sounds like to your clients—it’s what it feels like. When clients think of your brand, it should feel like a new friend they’ve made. This friend should be clear and present in their mind. The client should feel like they know this someone well, connect with how they speak, and are intrigued to hear what they have to say.

What does a successful brand voice sound like? 

Think of your favorite brand that you feel really resonates with you. Maybe you admire their mission or their products, but take a closer look at their language. They probably have a clear and unwavering voice that matches the feeling of their business. Even though you might not know anyone that runs the company, you feel like you know them well through this voice. You might even feel like you know them on a personal level, as if you’ve had conversations with them. You also trust them because their well-crafted voice establishes credibility.  

However, creating a successful brand voice is difficult. It’s a challenge to find the voice that sparks interest and allows your offerings to resonate with your clients. Honing in on and sharpening your unique brand voice is a core component of all Lindentree work—but what happens after? What happens later, when you’re in the midst of your growing business and you want to write new copy or even just an email? “Fear not, we’ve got you covered. This is where your brand voice brief comes into play.” 

 What’s a brand voice brief? 

A brand voice brief is a PDF completely tailored to you and your business. This internal document captures everything we uncover in your brand voice call. Whenever you need to write something for your biz, turn to the brand voice brief to guide you on how to use your brand’s voice. From here on out, your voice will stay consistent and capture your audience’s attention and hearts.

So, how do we make this magic happen, you ask? We create and illustrate your brand voice by personifying it. Remember that brand we mentioned earlier? The one that resonates with you because you feel like you know them on a personal level? “When you use your own brand voice for your business comms, you’ll get that same feeling. You’ll know which words, tone of voice, and style of speaking to use – because you’ll know who your brand voice is.”

Your brand voice brief documents everything we know about your brand’s voice persona. This includes more than their thoughts on the business. You’ll understand their likes and dislikes, what drives them, what their presence in a room feels like, what they believe in, how they speak, what stories they like to tell, and more. All in all, this allows the voice to consistently feel like the relatable and personable friend your clients connect with and trust.

What does a brand voice brief include? 

Your brand voice brief typically includes the following points:

  • Brand identity
  • Voice identifiers
  • Website voice
  • Editorial voice
  • Social media voice

However, your brand voice brief is always tailored to your business and the platforms you use; the document is unique to your brand.

With it in hand, you can feel confident in all your business writing moving forward. You will know the persona of your brand’s voice so well that you can effortlessly embody them and write the way they think and speak. As your business grows, you can share your brand voice brief with new team members and content creators to ensure your voice stays consistent.

In other words: A document that ensures your business voice stays authentic and credible – and always, always connects with your ideal clients.