Your brand story is quite possibly one of the most critical pieces of content on your website. Why? Because your brand story is who you are and how you connect with your clients. They want to know who you are, what you believe in, and what your mission is.

You have to get it right. 

The good news? With my help, we can craft an honest and effective brand story.

Do you mean my about page? 

Your brand story is on your “about” page, your “our story” page, or any other title you’ve assigned it. Basically, it’s the page your customers and clients turn to when they want to find out more. You know the classic, who, what, why. Your potential clients already know the “what”—your products or services. But they also want to know the who and the why behind the what. 

You, as the business owner, are the “who” in this scenario.

The “why” is your values and mission. It’s what you believe in. It’s the passion that led you to start your business. It’s also the drive that keeps you moving forward.

Do my customers even look at my about page? 

Yes! In our fast-paced virtual world, customers want to see the humans behind the screen. Remember how Zoom video calls took over the business world in 2020? Human connection matters. This is especially true for brands because consumers are going to spend their hard-earned money with your company. This Forbes article even claims that brand storytelling is the future of marketing. 

With a successful brand story, clients and customers form an emotional connection with your brand and remember your brand. Soon, you look up and realise your brand is not only gaining clients and customers, but it’s creating a community of like-minded people who believe in you and your mission. 

This bond is well-built and powerful. It’s not going anywhere. In other words, you are earning reliable and dedicated clients. 

Your brand story will help you connect with your clients and inform your content, communications, and correspondence. AKA writing other copy will be easier because you have your core values and branding. You’ve built your platform to stand on. You know where you’re coming from.

What makes a successful brand story? 

The elements of a successful brand story:

  1. It tells the truth and fosters a sense of trust.
  2. It’s simple but effective.
  3. It showcases your values, passion, and mission.
  4. It’s a brand story—it tells a story!
  5. It makes clients feel welcomed and shows that you’re approachable.

Work with Lindentree on your brand story  

These are just the basics of a successful brand story. We will craft a brand story that aligns with your company and you as a person with my brand story service. 

When we craft your brand story, you’ll get:

  • A bespoke/beautifully written About Us/Our Story page
  • A clear connection between your business values and your brand story
  • A narrative about your business identity that you can use throughout your content and communications
  • Customers that feel they understand your values, know your story, and trust your message

A successful brand story is one of the most important pieces of writing for your business. It has to be right. But don’t worry, we’ll make sure it’s perfect.