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As a graphic design agency we understand how important your brand story and your voice is to the success of your business. We started our agency with a number of goals and values, but we found it difficult to express these in a way that our clients would understand, and felt true to us as individuals.
Through the Small Business Mentoring Package we have completed changed how we write, talk and interact with clients through our business. Our core values have become clear, our language identified, and we have a clear structure to our social media strategy set out for the future.
Synne spent the time getting to know us all as individuals, and identified how much personality we wanted to put across into the business. She was enthusiastic and interested in everything we had to say, and took time to gain a real understanding of our industry, and specifically our company.
Not only great fun to work with, Synne identified areas we would never have thought of to create content with, and how to express our identity without feeling forced, which was a key factor for us.
We look forward to working with Synne again in the future, and cannot recommend her services enough. 



I had actually been looking for a copywriter for a while before I started working with Synne.  I knew I needed help if I wanted to take my business to the next level and create a voice and a strong message that truly reflected my brand and turned website visitors into paying clients.

What kept me from hiring a copywriter sooner was that I didn’t really feel like they “got me”.

From our very first conversation, I got the feeling that Synne really understood my mission and the voice I was trying to develop.

Working with her has been absolutely amazing. In just a few hours she’s helped me fine-tune my voice, develop a solid content strategy, and prepare for my biggest launch yet. I finally have a website I feel proud of and that truly represents my brand, my voice, and my mission.

I highly recommend Synne to anyone who is looking to develop their voice and create a stronger brand online.




I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Synne on a range of my projects. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

I asked her to translate a number of texts from Norwegian to English for me. And just so we’re clear: She has an incredible command of the English language. I asked several Brits and Americans to evaluate her translations, and every single one gave her top marks.

But she’s not just a skilled translator. She adds a unique touch to the content, too. By means of humour and colloquialisms, she gave my texts an extra dimension. Something my audience greatly appreciated; several of them contacted me to compliment both the quality of and humour in the content. I have no one but Synne to thank for this.

Additionally, Synne’s a positive, solution-oriented and skilful communicator. If you want a seamless experience you should choose her above anyone else.




Synne has been one of my favorite people to work with, ever. She is genuinely open to collaborating, and doesn’t hesitate to share her candid and honest feedback at every turn.

I believe her talent for writing comes from her own personal EQ – she is deeply curious and passionate. Working with Synne has inspired me to be more thoughtful and empathetic in my own work, and I can’t wait to partner with her again. 




I booked 5 1:1 sessions with Synne and she really helped me identify the core values of my brand. She also helped me create the pillars of my content strategy so that everything ends up making sense.

Preparing my content strategy would’ve been 10x harder hadn’t I spent that hour with Synne.

She’s a bit of a “brand psychologist”: instead of creating your brand, she’ll help you clarify and put in order what you already know and give you the tips and tools you may need to learn and put together what you don’t know yet.

10/10 would recommend. Favourite viking by far.




Launching a company blog is a daunting task, but it was made easy by having Synne as my editor. She was an integral part of the ideation, writing and editing process. We quickly established a workflow that fit seamlessly in my schedule, and she was always quick to respond to any inquiries from my end.

Whilst my background is in creative writing, having Synne as my sounding board gave me the confidence I needed to execute a blog launch. She helped me establish a voice that would reflect inHouse Productions’ unique position as experts in the influencer marketing space.  Above all, Synne was able to take my rough (sometimes very rough) drafts and workshop them with me via video chat in a hands-on process that I needed.

My favorite part about working with Synne is that she’s honest and looks at things with a critical eye. If something wasn’t coming across the way I thought it was, she’d not only tell me but suggest an edit that fixed the problem in the very same breath!

In short, collaborating with Synne was an absolute pleasure. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from her, and highly suggest her services to anyone who wants an editor they can trust.




I’ve worked closely with Synne for well over a year and a half now, and I must say I couldn’t be more pleased with the services she offers. Synne’s come to fill a very important role in our daily operations and we quite simply couldn’t have managed without her.

Synne has an incredible ability to immerse herself in any given subject and write highly engaging and understandable articles with great source references. She’s skilled at adjusting her content to the different subjects she deals with and manages to communicate in the voice we want to express ourselves with.

Synne’s independent and self-sufficient. And I can always trust her to do the things that need doing in accordance with our agreements. Furthermore, she knows how to make suggestions that improve upon and optimise the system we’ve built together over time.




Synne from Lindentree is one of the most knowledgeable and thoughtful writers I have had the pleasure to work with. Her deep and authentic curiosity to learn about new topics and new people make her a wonderful resource and partner for me at Moss.

She created and developed our brand voice, personified our brand, and beautifully integrates that persona through all of our messaging. She writes with SEO in mind and tirelessly studies to make sure everything we put out is both interesting and relevant to our audience. I appreciate her positivity, creativity and authenticity.

It is my absolute pleasure to partner with Synne. She makes my job easier; I trust her wholeheartedly and I always know that the writing we put out will be an absolute pleasure to read.




Synne has worked for Funksjonell Mat through several years, and provided us with invaluable help. She does everything we need within Norwegian/English translations and edits and proofreads both languages in a flawless manner. A huge bonus for us is that she often makes sharp observations and useful suggestions that exceed just a simple proof and edit. She shows great understanding for communication, as well as which communication form will best serve the content’s purpose.

Synne’s a great person to bounce ideas off of when developing new material. She’s knowledgeable and immerses herself completely in every area she needs to know in order to make constructive and solid suggestions. She’s always generous and works in a highly systematic and efficient manner.

We’ve moved from using Synne sporadically as a translator/editor to entering into a long-term collaboration with her, and she’s now become an important part of our team. Synne helps us develop our own voice as a business, and thanks to her we’ve grown more conscious of how we communicate with our customers. This is important to our further growth and we’re very grateful for having Synne on the team.




I applied for the Lindentree scholarship not long after I opened my business in the spring/summer of 2019. I discovered Synne as a guest speaker on an online social media course, where she discussed the importance of copy for new and established businesses. I instantly knew I needed whatever she had to offer and to my surprise won the scholarship!

Working with Synne was a highlight of my first year of business. She went above and beyond her “job description” and not only helped me write copy for my website, landing page and future newsletters, but also helped with a business plan and future goals. She’s the loveliest person, very professional, extremely punctual and a genius in all areas of business. I am so grateful to have met her and to work with her to kick start my business. I know we will work together for many years to come and I have gained a lifelong valuable resource/ friend.

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