The online membership for people who want to become better writers and storytellers

You know good writing and exciting stories are the ways into your ideal clients’ hearts. That you need to up your online content game. That your message is worth spreading and sharing.

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But it’s hard, isn’t it? It’s hard to get better without the right tools and the proper guidance. It feels almost impossible to find the right words. Plan purposeful content that speaks with your voice in a language that resonates with them.

Storytellers Society is made for you. Think of this membership as a personal trainer for your writing and storytelling skills. A community of other business owners, communications professionals, and writing enthusiasts.

This is where you learn to become the best writer and storyteller you can be. With my help, with real, practical learnings, and with accountability to keep you going and get you better. So that whenever you put pen to paper - fingers to keyboard - from this point forward, you’ll feel the change. And begin to craft writing that’ll make your audience swoon.

Here’s what you’ll get:

1 daily

writing prompt to keep you writing in your day-to-day (no pressure, ever - but practice makes perfect!)

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1 biweekly

easy-to-implement, How-to resource to drive your business communications forward with purpose and strategy

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1 monthly

webinar/workshop where we’ll work together in true hands-on, Lindentree style so you can go away with fresh inspiration

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1 quarterly

book club to keep you learning and growing

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  • A monthly discount on a selected service from Lindentree (which is always higher value than your membership cost)
  • Priority access to Lindentree expertise - guaranteed answer from Lindentree on writing and storytelling questions within 48 hrs
  • Community access to the other society members
  • Support, understanding, kindness, challenges, and growth

All for £25 or $35/month

Want to get better at writing and telling stories?