Jan 7th, 2022

Why your business needs a feature magazine

by Synne Lindén

As an entrepreneur, you’re busy. Actually, you’re super busy. You’re juggling products, services, clients, advertising, employees or contractors, budgets, quarterly planning, meetings, and more. It can really feel like the list is never-ending. 

I get it. I’ve been there, and the idea of adding something else to my list as an entrepreneur is overwhelming, to say the least. But hear me out. Your business needs a successful feature magazine. Let’s chat about why. 

What is a feature magazine? 

A feature magazine is a place for high-quality content on your website. So, is it just a blog? Nope. A feature magazine takes a blog and makes it a little fancier. 

The name says it all. Think of a high-end magazine you pick up while grabbing a coffee on the way to work versus a random blog you stumble across. A feature magazine has well-written, engaging articles that have authority the same way a glossy magazine on a shelf or a well-respected online magazine does. 

To get there, it starts with figuring out your unique brand voice that will engage your target customers. That brand voice has to remain consistent throughout all of the high-quality content published in your feature magazine. That means no more boring blog posts. Say goodbye to throw-away content that you wrote in a hurry just because you hadn’t posted in a while. 

With your feature magazine, every piece of content will drive traffic to your website and create lasting connections with your ideal clients. 

How a feature magazine can help your business 

Do any of these sound like you? 

- I need to up my blog game. A lot. And I need help to do it. 

- I can’t write, but I’m desperate for pieces that actually engage my readers so I can convert them. 

- Our blog is boring beyond words. We’ve only focused on keywords for SEO in the post, and it’s gotten us nowhere in the way of engagement. 

This is where the feature magazine comes in. I believe that a feature magazine is essential for businesses because it solves all of the problems above and so many more. How exactly can a feature magazine help your business, you ask? 

- Use feature magazine content across platforms: Take a few sentences and post them on social media, copy and paste a paragraph into your newsletter, pull out a tagline you love for your next marketing campaign. The list of content possibilities from one high-quality article is endless. 

- Feature magazines create new clients: Not only do feature magazines drive traffic to your website, they drive the right traffic! Your articles will engage with new ideal clients who are searching for topics related to your business. 

- Feature magazines give you authority: Articles are the perfect place to show off your skills, previous projects, and your knowledge. Plus, you can feature interviews with successful people in your industry. It’s an easy way to grow your network and show off your authority at the same time. 

- Feature magazines let you communicate with your clients: High-quality articles targeted at your clients create engagement. This means you’re not just building your brand. You’re building a community.

We all know that clients expect more from brands today. Our services are not enough on their own. Clients want to know who you are, and they want to engage with your brand. A feature magazine ensures that you have the foundation and the consistent brand voice to create and grow your community. 

You don’t have to do it alone!

Now, your next question is probably: "Isn't a feature magazine a massive undertaking?" And the honest answer is yes. But whether you want my help (Lindentree specialises in feature magazine-style content) or someone else's, the point is this: A feature magazine will ensure growth and conversion for your biz. It's an investment worth its salt.

Interested in the types of content that drive this growth and conversion? Check out our recent article here about different types of content and when to use each one.

Do you have an old blog that’s maybe a little forgotten and dusty? Reach out, and let’s chat about transforming it into a glossy feature magazine that you’re proud to show off. 

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