Feb 8th, 2022

Tone, diction, and your content goals

by Synne Lindén

Tone, diction, and your content goals

As you’re reading this and any other article on my website, you’re going to find me directly talking to you. It’s casual, right? These articles are business owner to business owner, as a solopreneur who has been there through the rough and rewarding ride of running a brand. 

So, my tone and diction at Lindentree reflect what I want to convey—a welcoming feeling as if we’re sitting down having a heart to heart about everything that comes along with owning a business. 

Your engaging brand voice content is directly tied to your tone and diction. It’s all about being consistent. Let’s chat about it. 

What is tone? 

Tone is a writing term. Don’t worry. It’s the same in writing as it is in everyday life. Every time you speak to someone, you pick up on their tone. They could be tense, upset, disheartened, joyful, and so on. Whatever it is, you pick up on it and react accordingly.

The same goes for writing. When you read an article from a lifestyle magazine, the tone is probably casual and feels like you’re talking to a friend. But, when you’re reading a published scientific study, the tone is authoritative, direct, and academic. 

What is diction? 

Diction is an often intimidating word that simply means—the words you choose to use. No, this doesn’t mean run to the thesaurus every time you’re writing something for your business. It simply means take the time to think about the words you’re using and if they’re conveying the feeling you want clients to have when experiencing your content. 

How does this relate to content goals? 

Your tone and diction are at the center of your voice. It creates the voice and feeling your clients engage with, recognize, and trust. If you use consistent tone and diction in all of your content creation, your clients will start to feel like they know you. Plus, consistency with these two elements teaches your clients how to read and interact with your brand. 

Say you have a casual, trendy, maybe a little snarky writing style. Your clients will feel at ease and reach out to you without feeling like they have to send and super professional email. They will gather that you’re relaxed and fun to work with. 

So, how do I use them? 

To get your tone and diction under control, follow these simple steps: 

  1. Brainstorm and write down your brand’s core values and mission.

2. Write, in only one sentence, what feeling you want your content to convey.

3. Snoop around on other brands’ websites that have a voice you admire. Don’t copy them, of course, but use them as inspiration.  

4. Practice. Take a short social media caption or article subhead and write it in five or more different ways. Try different tones and dictions and see what you like. With more options, it’ll be easy to find a fit. 

Looking for a little help to create your brand’s voice? I can help out while you focus on the never-ending to-do list of an entrepreneur! Send me an email, and we can find your brand voice together.  

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