Jan 13th, 2022

How to implement significant detail – Storytelling for business workshop

by Synne Lindén

Module: The Writing Craft Time: 15 minutes

In a nutshell: What is implementing significant detail?

Significant details are the written details that give life and emotion to a story. It’s a part of the narrative tool showing, rather than telling. In the context of business writing it can be implemented to About Us pages, landing pages, blog posts and social media posts, to mention a few.


Without significant detail implemented: Today, our business launched the newest product in our range, a top-of-the-line upgrade of our previous model, and we’re very excited.

With significant detail implemented: Our development team has worked day and night over the past year to make our latest product for you. Today, we’re very excited to launch it.

Both of these examples provide you with very similar versions of the same story. The difference is that in the second one, the business lets down their guard a little, to share a detail snippet of the production process. It’s an emotive piece of information (ie, the team sacrificed something to make this product for the business’ customers), and so it works as a significant detail.

In 15 minutes, you’ll be able to implement the significant details from your business into your writing.

Workshop goal: You are able to implement details that create an emotional response in the reader (ie, your customers) into your business writing.


  1. Pick a significant detail for your business. If you don’t know how to do that, you should start here. 2 mins (or 20 for the full workshop).

  2. Match the significant detail with an existing piece of written content that it might fit into. If the significant detail relates to something more general (like the history or core values of your business), a landing or about page might be best. If the significant detail relates to a recent event, a blog post or social media post will suit better. 

    3 mins

  3. Make a new structure for the existing piece of content, focusing on including the significant detail – and even building up to it if you can. 

    5 mins

  4. Rewrite a paragraph or the whole text to include the significant detail you’ve chosen. 

    5 mins

Now you’ve implemented a significant detail into a piece of written content for your business. By structuring for it, too, you’ve wound up with a more emotive and engaging text that will resonate more with your target audience.

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