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The most important piece of your business is its story. It’s what makes you stand out from the crowd – and what your customers will connect with. That’s why we offer a storytelling package, where we’ll identify the core aspects of your company, the fertile facts that make it unique and the narrative that will resonate with your ideal client.


Do you know what your clients search for when they go online? Have you mapped out how they’re going to find you in the great, big sea of competitors out there? Keyword research is an important part of creating solid content and we take this nitty gritty work off your hands.


If you’re going to talk to your clients, and tell them a story that will inspire and engage, you need to know who they are. One of the most effective ways of moulding your business voice correctly is by creating buyer personas. We’ll help you figure out exactly who you want to be talking to and craft your content accordingly.


Do you work towards the Norwegian market? Or have business partners in Norway? We have ENG/NO translation experience going back to 2013 and can assist with any cross-language content between the two.


Managing content generally falls somewhere around the bottom of almost any company’s to-do list. That’s even though this is one of the most important tools for cultivating a solid relationship with ideal clients. Let us take care of your content to ensure it’s always up to scratch.


Writing only with SEO in mind is a thing of the past. The search engines see through it, web browsers see through it, and your customers see through it. Still, there’s no denying that your content needs to contain the right keywords to reach the right people. We know how to write for SEO-purposes while still telling an authentic story.


WordPress is one of the world’s largest publication platforms that can make both your business and content shine. But keeping track of publication schedules and online web editing tools can be a hassle. We have considerable experience with text publication in WordPress and can take the reins on getting your content out there in accordance with our strategy.


We offer startup scholarships as part of the Lindentree Consulting services. To a select few startups each month, we give 5 60-minute sessions for $50 per session. That’s $250 dollars total, and in this time, we help you create stellar content that really gets your business going.


Every piece of content you publish for your business should be doing something for your growth. Content strategy planning lets us map out your vision and goals and put them into a tangible plan that ensures maximum content efficiency.


There’s just no escaping the fact that having a social media strategy and presence will have a substantial impact on your business growth. But how do you talk to your clients on social media? Where will you find them? The writing can make or break a social media strategy. That’s where we come in.


There’s nothing more unappealing than a website or business blog riddled with spelling mistakes and punctuation errors. Editing and proofreading is a seriously underestimated part of content creation. We understand how important this process is and won’t stop polishing until you’re 100% happy with your text.

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