SEO for Humans

The art of remembering who you’re actually writing for.

Ranking on search engines is good. Building meaningful relationships with your customers is better.

The human-focused robot

SEO is about making your content as easy on the eyes for a robot as it is for the eyes of a person. That means good sitemaps, the correct meta tags, good page descriptions and – yes – keywords your customers might search for. Google wants to organise the web’s information for its users, and SEO bridges the gap between robot indexer and human writer. 

But as search engines shift more and more towards human behaviour-centred metrics, optimising for them is no longer a simple matter of ranking on keywords a robot can easily index – it’s about content your audience will relate to and engage with.

Optimise content for your users, not search engines.

— Google’s SEO Starter Guide

Optimise content for your users, not search engines.

— Google’s SEO Starter Guide.

Google, the librarian

Picture yourself in a library with millions of books. You know exactly which one you’re after – but you have no idea how to find it. Enter: A search engine. Google’s mission statement is to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful – just like in a library. So Google takes you by the hand, and shows you the way.

When you reach the book you were after, it’s perfect. The cover is golden and shiny; the title is the answer you’ve been searching for all along. You sigh a deep sigh of relief – and then you turn the first page.

The all-encompassing sense of contentment vanishes. Your heart sinks, and your eyebrows frown. The pages are blank. Or they’re riddled with errors. Or they don’t provide any answers at all.

Google is like the librarian who helps you find that good read you were looking for. But if you’re an author – do you write for the librarian or the reader?

SEO for Humans is the concept of remembering that ranking on search engines only gets your reader to the cover of your content. Which is important in its own right, and absolutely something to optimise for. But it’s once someone clicks onto your site and starts engaging with your content that you get the chance to gain their trust, build a relationship and make more sales.

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