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The backstory

When Ella reached out to Lindentree in the beginning of 2021, she was ready for a serious upgrade on her website copy. She’d been in business for a while, and it was time to take the next big comms steps. Specifically, Ella needed to articulate a beautiful brand story that brought her purpose and background to life - as well as a punchy page for her signature offer.

The work

Through the course of four 1-to-1 calls, we honed in on Ella’s brand voice, fertile facts, signature offer components, and brand audience. This in-depth work then served as the foundation for all write-ups I did for Much More Social. From the brand story to the Online Magnetism Journey; from the manifesto to the Ella Explainer, every single word was infused with the personal brand identity and target audience we’d iterated together. 

Of all the the writers out there, I’m so pleased I chose Synne. I had been following her on LinkedIn but it was a podcast interview that incentivised me to contact her. I knew she would be good but wow, how good. You are guaranteed to be in safe hands with Synne - she is a darn good writer. She listens, she observes, she gets clarity from you, she processes and then she weaves her magic with her words. I bought her website journey package and now I have a brand voice brief, an about page, a manifesto and two offers to add to my site. I had so many thoughts in my head but it’s Synne who has brought me to life with her human-centred, intelligent, exquisitely crafted, creative approach to writing. She’s also fun to work with and will put you at your ease, but she’ll also keep you accountable and informed so she can get the job done. I’m delighted to recommend Synne.

Ella Orr - Founder - Much More Social

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MOSS Studio + Magazine

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The backstory

MOSS approached Lindentree in February of 2019. They were in the process of a total rebrand, and needed something completely different for their Studio and Magazine content - case studies to set them apart, and articles to build them authority. All with a clear brand voice and some storytelling flair.

The work

As of mid-2021 MOSS and Lindentree are still working together on an ongoing basis. We’ve developed their brand identity and messaging, built their magazine up from scratch, and increased their online presence and authority. I’ve written, and continue to write, all case studies, articles, and content on the MOSS website, and Lindentree is now responsible for running the company’s Instagram page and community building efforts as a further extension of their content and marketing strategy. 

I’ve been working with Synne for over two years now, and the partnership between MOSS and Lindentree has grown into far more than your standard ongoing copywriting support. When we first started working together, Synne created and developed our brand voice, personified our brand, and has since continued to integrate the MOSS persona throughout all of our messaging.

In our partnership, she has been responsible for writing every case study and article on our website, which she does with true fidelity to our brand. Synne is also a writer who focuses on long-term strategy and growth, to the point where I now consider her my trusted content and marketing sounding board and partner.

If you want to work with a fantastic writer who genuinely cares about your brand and content production experience as a client, work with Synne.

Nathan Byrne - Founder and lead creative - MOSS

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