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Your brand story


  • My ‘About’ page is a depressing, corporate blob of text that says nothing about me or my journey

  • I want to tell my story, but I’m terrified I’ll get it wrong

  • Our ‘Our Story’ page is a snooze-inducing business chronicle - we need it to sing

The brand story call

A one-hour 1-to-1 call where we get all the cards on the table. You share, I listen intently - and uncover the details for a unique About page that will have your audience reaching for their tissues.

The brand story write-up

This is where the magic happens. I craft an About page that is beautiful and resonant. This story doesn't just live on your website, though. It’ll be strong enough to stand as the foundation for your entire marketing and communications strategy - a true point of connection between yourself and your ideal client.

The edits

2 rounds of edits, because capturing the essence of a business is a delicate and intimate process. By the time we're done, you'll be in love with your About page - and your audience will soon start to fall in love with you.

PRICE: $1000/£700

Your signature offer


  • My services page is a travesty, and I have no idea how to lift my main offering so it resonates with my ideal customers

  • I’m launching a new service package in my biz and the copy needs to sell

  • Our main service should spark interest and excitement, but the writing feels completely dead

The signature offer call

A 30-minute 1-to-1 call where you walk me through the A-Z of your offering. You know, the things that make it so amazing. I’ll probe and poke, to make sure we’re getting all the solutions you’re offering out on the table. This is our prep work for a signature offer write-up that’s going to make your ideal clients fall in love.

The brand voice call

A one-hour 1-to-1 call where we get to the core of your brand voice. We look at values, characteristics, and personal traits. At the end we’ll have the foundations for a voice that’s crystal clear, brand-authentic, and ideal client-resonant.

The brand voice handbook

Your internal document write-up that captures everything we’ve uncovered in the brand voice call. Completely tailored to you, this PDF becomes the foundation for all your comms work moving forward. No matter where you use your voice from now on, it’ll be consistent and capture your audience’s attention and hearts.

The brand audience call

Another one-hour 1-to-1 call where it’s all about them. I drill down to the literal heart of the clients you’d like to attract - by asking the right questions and taking you through the human side of ICP-ing. The result? You’ll feel intimately acquainted with your audience. You’ll also be ready to share your offering with irresistible empathy.

The brand audience handbook

Your second internal document write-up. This breaks down the in-depth ideal client personas we’ve created, complete with fears, dreams, and pain points. The PDF serves as evergreen and confidence-boosting inspiration for you. Oh, and it ensures your audience always, always feels your services messaging hits home - cause it’s all about them.

The signature offer write-up

This is where everything comes together. The in-depth work we’ve done on your voice and audience fuels the creation of a stunning landing page write-up. The kind that takes your prospects on an attention-grabbing sales journey.

I structure the narrative, position them as the hero, you as the guide, and craft a bespoke piece of written service offering. You’ll be dying to showcase it - and your ideal clients will be itching to buy it.

The edits

2 rounds of edits, because this piece of writing needs to do as much for you as it’ll do for your ideal clients.

PRICE: $2000/£1400

Your website journey


  • I’m taking my business to the next level, but my website copy is lagging waaaaay behind and I. need. help.

  • I cringe whenever people ask for my website address. Honestly, I’m pretty sure they cringe when they get there, too.

  • We need a killer website write-up (like, now), but the thought of making that happen is the stuff of nightmares for us.

The brand voice call + handbook

This combo = communications consistency and clarity. In a 60-minute 1-to-1 call we get your brand voice characteristics, traits, tone, and language out in the open. Then I use everything we’ve uncovered for an internal PDF document write-up. The kind you can go back to to make sure everything you ever say is consistent - and music to your ideal client’s ears.

The brand story call + write-up

Your brand story is your best bet to connect with the people you want to reach. We spend 60 minutes together 1-to-1 to figure out what made your business your business. Afterwards I handpick the most evocative details for a unique brand story to go on your About and social media. Disclaimer: The brand story write-up has moved several clients to tears. And prospects to convert.

The landing page write-up

Your landing page (or homepage, if you will) is like your virtual reception. Spick, span, and sparkly YOU is what it’ll take for your visitors to scroll on down. I craft a clear narrative journey for your landing page and write a story that shines. The end result? A landing page that makes your ideal client feel like they’ve just checked into The Four Seasons.

The 3 additional pages write-up

Three more pages of copy, whichever ones you need - whether that’s portfolio, services, work process, your manifesto or your mission statement. The point is: This is where we give your website even more comms punch and messaging depth. And ultimately make sure that wherever your visitors navigate the copy will make them seriously keen on working with you.

The edits

Your website is your online office. Sometimes we need to move the decor around a bit to get things just right. 2 rounds of edits make sure your website finishes past the incredible line - and your prospects finish drooling.

PRICE: $3000/£2100

Your feature magazine


  • I need to up my blog game. A lot. And I need help to do it.

  • I can’t write, but I’m desperate for pieces that will actually engage my readers so I can convert them.

  • Our blog is boring beyond words. We’ve only focused on keywords for SEO in the past, and it’s gotten us nowhere in the way of engagement.

The brand voice call + handbook

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Turning your blog into a fnnancy feature magazine starts with figuring out your brand voice. This 1-to-1 60-minute session answers two essential questions: Who’s your business and how does it speak? And then I wrap it up in your internal PDF doc. The one you can refer back to for all comms work ever.

The communications strategy call

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Communication work is pointless if you don’t know why you’re doing it. In this 1-to-1 60-minute session we cover brand audience, communications goals, and strategy steps to get you feeling like your business content = Vanity Fair-worthy.

The strategy statement

I put everything from our call together into a strategy statement that covers you for the next six months. A roadmap, if you will, of how you’re going to (finally!) use your content for growth and conversion. In other words: The next time you say something online, your audience won’t know what hit them.

The 1-month feature content write-up

OK, it’s a bit what you say, too. The brand voice work and the communications strategy become the foundations for four pieces of feature magazine-style articles for your blog. You know, so you can actually get going with your strategy. One stunning write-up for every week in the next month. They’ll woo your audience and have them craving more, more, more.

The edits

We’re going to make something happen for your audience with every article I write for you. And I want to make sure you feel 100 % ecstatic about them all. We do two rounds of edits for each - editorial team style.

The 6-month content plan

I did say I want you to hit the ground running with your comms strategy, right? This 6-month plan is your content accountability partner. With blog titles for each week in the coming half-a-year and ideas for how to use the content on your main social media platform. Bottom line: Happy business owner, mesmerised audience.

PRICE: $4000/£2800