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Your business idea is killer. Not to mention fueled by a burning passion. You are SO READY for this. To make a difference. Earn doing something you love.

Buuuuut. You’re overwhelmed. You’re unsure. Your imposter syndrome comes a-knockin’ on a daily basis. You don’t have all that much cash to spend - in fact, you have next to none.

And yet you desperately need help with your communications strategy, writing, and storytelling. You know that’s where building brand awareness is at.

How am I inside your head, you ask? Cause I’ve been there myself. Solopreneurs and founders are some of the bravest professionals on the planet. We fight on a daily basis, and we fight for something we actually believe in. But it is a fight. It is a struggle.

And we all need support somewhere along the way.

The Lindentree Founders Programme is designed for you. To get you the help you need in the early stages of your business. Considerable value and communications clarity - at a fraction of the cost other experts and programmes would charge you.

Here’s what we’re going to do:

5 sessions. 60 minutes each. 1-to-1. Together.

1. Challenges, solutions, and goals

If we don’t know where we’re going, we’re never going to get there. In our first call, we map out your goals and your main hurdles. We do a proper audit of your existing content strategy, and pinpoint what’s working and what isn’t. Then we use it all to set some clear goals for your communications and content. So that everything you do from here on out is about getting to somewhere you really, really want to be.

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2. Brand voice iteration

Your brand voice is going to be the single-most essential component of your communications strategy. It’s your identity - what defines you, and sets you apart in the immensely saturated online market. So we’re going to spend a full hour polishing it, with a comprehensive workshop that gets to the core of how your business speaks. By the end of this session, you’ll have what you need for a brand voice document that informs every piece of your business comms moving forward. 

3. Brand audience understanding

I just want to get it out of the way immediately: This is not your standard marketing ICP-ing session. You want to connect with people, and so people are what you’ll need to understand to succeed. Where they work, how old they are, and what their latest promotion was doesn’t matter all that much. What does matter is what they’re afraid of, what they dream of, and what their needs are. We get to the (literal) heart of your brand audience. That means everything you’ll ever say after our session will speak directly to the people you want to resonate with.

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4. Brand story or signature offer mapping

You know who you are and you know who they are. Now it’s time to get something down in writing. In this session, we map out the components of either your brand story write-up or your signature offer (that thing you really, really want to sell) copy. The choice is yours. By the end you’ll be ready to write an About page that gives your audience all kinds of feels. Or an offering page that’ll have them convinced they need to work with you. 

5. Follow-up + 6-month plan

Two weeks after our fourth session, we meet again. You’ll be ready with your brand voice doc, your brand audience brief, and your About or Service write-up. Together, we go through the pieces you’ve written, address any challenges you’re still facing, and revisit those goals we set down six weeks ago. Finally, we establish a 6-month communications plan for your business - the how’s to your why’s - and I leave you ready to fly. 

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Investment: $850/£600 (payment plans available)

Lindentree takes on a maximum of one founder each month, pending availability. Tell me why you need my help and apply here: