My story begins with stories. I am, and have for as long as I can remember, been obsessively, passionately, unreservedly in love with them.

“Keep writing, Synne.

Cause you’re really good at it.”

Thanks, Mr Pugh

In high school, I had a creative writing teacher named Mr. Pugh. Mr. Pugh was a frail, old, short, British- Zimbabwean man. He was also a man who made me believe I could pursue writing as a dead serious career.

That’s what I did. And I can’t say I’ve ever looked back.

Some writers say they would explode if they didn’t write. I think I would implode into an egg-less shell - completely devoid of inspiration and connection.

The reason I love writing so much is simple. It’s the people. The people I speak with, and the people who unfold on the pages before me.

They’re also the people who have made creative writing and storytelling for businesses my vocation.

The world is filled with billions of beautifully complex human beings. With near-infinite experiences to share. My job is to listen and transform their voices into writing that resonates. With them and their audiences. Making that happen - the feeling of making that happen - is pure magic.

People have also always been my fuel. If you listen, almost every single individual you’ll ever meet will teach you something:

My Catalonian local bar owner taught me what belonging feels like

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'Hi Synne, how are you? You want the chorizo, the olives, the focaccia and a Moritz, right?'

My Norwegian mother taught me to be determined

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‘You have to do your homework, Synne. Decide to enjoy it.’

My Swazi taxi driver taught me to be patient

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‘I’m coming now now’ and ‘I’m coming now’ are two different things entirely.

My Kurdish father-in-law taught me acceptance

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‘You have to sit with the women for dinner. It’s just the way it is.’

My Thai landlord taught me the real meaning of kindness

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‘Tell the immigration office to call me, any time, if you have problems understanding them.’

My Australian short fiction professor taught me to be conscientious

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‘This isn’t your best work. I think you should write it again.’

Sometimes, the thought of where I would be without all of my stories flickers through my mind. They are the essence of me and of Lindentree.

And I reckon they’re the essence of your business, too. Which is why I want to help you share them.

Synne Lindén