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Transform the way you communicate.

If you want to grow and scale a diverse customer base, tell a story that resonates with them. If you want to be the global authority in your field, write stories that get people interested and listening to you. If you want customers that not only consume, but share your content, speak to them with genuine empathy. Stories are the future of online content. Let’s tell some together. 

Step 1: Voice

Imagine the narrator from your favourite novel. With a polished brand voice, more people will listen to you.

Step 2: Story

Your brand story is the most important story you’ll ever tell. When you get it right, customers will be more likely to trust you.  

Step 3: Growth

With a credible voice and tailored content, your audience will believe in you. That means more long-term, sustainable growth.

Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world.

— Robert McKee.

Monika Danielsen, Head of Marketing, Funksjonell Mat

“Synne helps us develop our own voice as a business. Thanks to her, we’ve grown more conscious of how we communicate with our customers.”

Paige Gurski, Marketing Coordinator, Inhouse Productions

“My favourite part about working with Synne was that she was honest and looked at things with a critical eye. If something wasn’t coming across the way I thought it was, she didn’t just tell me, but suggested an edit that fixed the problem in the very same breath!”

Jan Haaverstad, Operations Manager and Chairman, Netpixel

“I’ve worked closely with Synne for well over a year and a half now, and I must say I couldn’t be more pleased with the services she offers. Synne’s come to fill a very important role in our daily operations and we quite simply couldn’t have managed without her.”

Carla Biesinger, Founder and Owner, Carla Biesinger

“Working with Synne has been absolutely amazing. In just a few hours she helped me fine-tune my voice, develop a solid content strategy, and prepare for my biggest launch yet. I finally have a website I feel proud of and that truly represents my brand, my voice, and my mission.”

Bengt Saeter, Publisher, Molijong

“I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Synne on a range of my projects. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Synne has an incredible command of the English language.”

Lauren Avallone, Moss Studio

“Synne is one of the most knowledgeable and thoughtful writers I have had the pleasure to work with. Her deep and authentic curiosity to learn about new topics and new people make her a wonderful resource and partner for me at Moss.”

Amanda Holliday, Amanda Brooke Interiors

“Working with Synne was a highlight of my first year of business. She went above and beyond her “job description” and not only helped me write copy for my website, landing page and future newsletters, but also helped with a business plan and future goals.”

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