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In 1982, when working as an electrical contractor in Branson, Missouri (USA), I happened to walk into Engler Woodcarvers, the carving shop owned by well-known carver, Pete Engler. In Engler's shop, I was amazed by the wood carvings and decided, "I have to try this!" went home, made a few simple tools, and began to carve. Immediately, the obsession took over.
After a year of carving in my spare time, I decided to carve full-time to earn my living. Engler gave me a job demonstrating in Engler's shop, and I carved there for three years. Then went to Silver Dollar City and carved for another year, before moving to Pennsylvania.
Carving in Branson led to several commissioned projects, such as life-size carvings of Box Car Willy (country singer) and Jim Robson (actor). Several churches, organizations and individuals have commissioned me to carve figures for them.



Museums that have displayed my carvings for public viewing include.

Hoyt Institute of Fine Art

NY Museum of American Folk Art

Boliver Museum of Art



I have sold carvings to people from England, Norway, France, Japan, Scotland, and South Africa. Some of the more well-known organizations and individuals that have purchased my carvings include;

Boxcar Willy
(country singer)
Disney World
Dolly Wood
Newt Gingrich
(US Congressman)
New York Museum of Folk Art
Jim Robson
Silver Dollar City
St. Rochus Parish
Jim Thacker
(stock car driver)
Jeffery Geller M.D.
Jerry Krupp
(PPG. executive)


Magazine coverage

Magazines that have written about me or my work include:

Early American Life,
 one of the top 200 craftsmen in 1993

Country Almanac,
article on my work

Pittsburgh Press,
Sunday feature article

Chip Chats,
story and photograph

Better Homes & Gardens
Santa Claus Book
pictures of my Santa's & article about me & my work

Wood Carving Illustrated
Santa Face Carving Project

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