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   Over the millennia the H'prils, an ancient society, have lived in hiding as they served as the caretakers for the earth.
   Only recently have these minute men and women chosen to reveal themselves to those who long to see the earth returned to its pristine state.
   From the remote, unspoiled regions of Gevor County, the H'prils have watched with great concern as we continue in our struggle to overcome the increasing burden that we have finally realized we are placing on nature.
   To offer encouragement they have chosen to come forth to offer us the benefit of their experience and some hope that we can overcome our present problems and once more begin to enjoy the natural treasures that surround us.
   As they move among us, in their own mysterious way, the H'prils not only serve to remind us that we have a responsibility to our home, but also that the beauty of nature has its own rewards for us in the form of tranquility.
    As the H'pril have now chosen to live among us, they promise that they will add their own unique charm to our homes in return for our appreciation of the beauty that they have given us through their care of the earth in the past.


The Book is now published and can be purchased at this web site ""

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